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skygurl212000 started this conversation
My name is michelle and I am a 17 year old in high school. My mom seperated from her husband during the summer and in order to attend my same high school and graduate I had to move in with family friends. My mom can barely get by and she certainly has no money to spare and no room for me to live. I have to move out after graduation and me and my boyfriend of 2 years were going to get a place and attend college. Means we are both going to college full time we will not be able to work as much as we should. With cost of living so expensive I think that it is imposible. I'm saving for a car and have not been able to purchase one yet. We really need help and I woulod appreciete it greatly. I have worked so hard to get good grades and I don't want that to go to waste just because I'm broke.
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Your situation sounds just like mine! I moved out young and then wanted to attend school, unfortunately for you and I we are under 25, unmarried and no children and therefore we are kind of placed in limbo. Even though we pay our own bills, and rent our own living space our incomes still will have to be reported with that of our parents (no as independants) and therefore we are only eligable for a portion of what we would be otherwise and no grants =( As far as paying for your housing and costs.... good luck! Since then I have been working two jobs (one full time and one part time) to pay my bills, you really have to budget and pinch pennies, it isn't going to be easy but if you work really hard and focus on your goals you can do it. As much as you want to live with your boyfriend I would highly suggest staying in a dorm if possible (it is cheaper). Between apartment costs, electricity, gas to and from locations and household needs.... it is going to eat up all your money. You should focus one what is most important, finishing your schooling so you can get a better job to afford the lifestyle you want. I urge you not to fall into the same hole I am in.... it is four years later and I am still working two jobs (in retail) and I am miserable =(

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I already know where I am attending and have been accepted. I've signed up with FAFSA and all that good stuff but that doesnt help me with my current situations.

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